5 Reasons why you should invest in a Wood-burning Stove

5 Reasons why you should invest in a Wood-burning Stove


With the nights drawing in and an autumnal feel in the air, now is the time to split the kindling, stack the logs and get ready with the firelighters…

There’s no better way to enjoy the benefits of a real flame fire than investing in a wood-burning stove.

And here’s 5 Reasons why…

  1. Nothing beats the feel of a real fire. The glow of the flames and the crackling of the burning wood, we mortal humans are naturally drawn – it evokes a sense of security, belonging and social interaction.  Just think ‘bbq and tongs’ and you’ll be on the right tracks!
  2. Better for the environment and carbon neutral – the amount of CO2 released when burning wood is the same amount absorbed by the tree in its growing cycle. But think first before restoring your open fire, wood-burning stoves burn at 80% efficiency as opposed to 20% for an open-fire, meaning the heat goes into the room and not up the chimney.
  3. With so many styles to choose from both traditional and contemporary, there’s a wood-burning stove to suit every taste and design preference. What’s more, with many models now available for use in Smoke Control Areas, now everyone can enjoy a wood-burning stove wherever they live in the UK. Explore the DEFRA website for a list of compatible stoves.
  4. Take the chill off the air in the evening by lighting the stove in the main room, without the need for heating the whole house, a ‘secondary heating’ system that will give you savings on fuel costs and create a warm and cosy ambience.
  5. Creating a focal point adds character to a room. In a small room, design the layout around the fireplace for a traditional feel. In larger spaces it can ‘break up’ a long expanse of wall or could be ‘freestanding’ for a contemporary look. Open plan living is further enhanced by the use of both bi-fold doors and a wood-burning stove, giving the room complete versatility all year round.

Look for the CE logo, reassurance that your stove has been independently tested to meet exacting European standards.

It’s worth investing in the best wood-burner you can afford – for quality, performance, service and warranty – after all, this is a long term investment that will add value and appeal to your home, as well as giving you that warm feeling of smugness every time you strike that match and fire her up!

Check out the following manufacturers:

Morso  The pioneers of wood-burning stoves.  Great Danish design – solid, contemporary and functional

Nordpies  They know a thing or two about long drawn out cold winter nights…!

Chesney’s   The UK’s leading supplier of luxury fireplaces and stoves

Burley  Is this the most efficient wood-burning stove in the world?  Up to 90% efficiency

Stovax  One of UK’s leading stove and fireplace manufacturers


TOP 10 – Reasons to hire an Interior Designer

TOP 10 – Reasons to hire an Interior Designer

Your home is probably one of the biggest investments you are likely to make and for most people we like it to reflex our personality, fit our lifestyle and is something to be proud of to share with our families and friends.  ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’ (or indeed an Englishwomen’s home) and a haven away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.  However, you don’t need to live in a castle to justify hiring an Interior Designer and here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. Save money.  Yes!  Although you will normally have to pay a design fee for the service of an interior designer, you could genuinely save money by avoiding potential common pitfalls and costly mistakes.  The most common mistake is choosing the wrong paint colour, which can be time consuming and very costly if you are hiring a painter and decorator.  Ordering the wrong sized furniture is next on the list and is likely to be something that you will have to live with for the foreseeable future.
  2. Solve problems. Designers will cast a fresh pair of eyes, seeing things that you have missed and offering solutions that you hadn’t thought about.  Professional designers spend years studying their craft and as a result are able to find solutions to make the most of your space.
  3. Save time. You may love traipsing around the shops on the occasional weekend to get inspiration for your pad.  However, the novelty can wear a bit thin when you feel like it is a chore rather than a pleasure!  When a designer walks into your home, bear in mind that they have already done all the leg work for you.  They have a bank of ideas in their heads and all the best suppliers on speed-dial having spent years visiting trade show and living and breathing the latest trends!
  4. Focus.  Designers will look at your lifestyle and the functions of the room.  Taking into consideration all your likes and dislikes, and considering your ideas and colour preferences, your designer will collate all the information and come up with a tailored design to suit your personal needs.  Handing over the job to a designer can give you a very satisfying sense of relief.
  5. Timescale.  So as well as focusing your mind on the project, you set your time-scale.   For example, say you have a one-room project, following a consultation you would likely have a final design within two week and the project completed within eight week.  So instead of spending months on end researching your dream scheme, you could be enjoying it right now!
  6. Contacts.  Your designer cannot only organise all the tradespeople needed to get the job done, they will usually offer a project management service too.  The advantages being you will have trusted local trades’ working on your project and the designer will  devise a schedule of works to make sure it all happens cohesively.
  7. Expert colour advice.  We are all naturally attracted to our favourite colours, but all too often, we avoid using colour creatively in our homes.  People opt for bland alternatives or apply it in a diluted fashion as a response to fear  that others won’t appreciate our choice, or will judge it as bad taste.  Specific colours evoke a different emotional response in all of us.  For example, you may gravitate towards the blue/green colour scale because you find it holistic and relaxing, on the other hand, red may induce the feeling of excitement and vitality.  Colours are like friends, some you want around you all the time and others you love in small doses.  Let colour be your friend and invite it into your home.
  8. Stay on budget.  Discuss your budget with your designer and you can stay on track with your spending.  Designers can be just as savvy with your money as you, after all, they are normal people – yes really!  They know where to save or spend the budget.  Mixing key pieces with reasonably priced finds is the secret to designing with integrity.
  9. Create a WOW factor.  Designers have access to sourcing unusual and interesting items not that you won’t find on the High Street. They have to ability to think outside the box and use their expertise to inject interesting focal points, avoiding the ‘pow’ factor and creating a ‘wow’ factor!
  10. Increase property value.  If you ever decide to sell your home a beautifully designed house is likely to have a greater appeal and attract more viewings.  Estate agents love ‘showcasing’ stunningly presented properties, which will give your house more exposure.  This is likely to result in a quicker sale and a higher sale price.
Mr Perswall takes on Grey

Mr Perswall takes on Grey


Grey has been gaining popularity in interior colour schemes over the last few years and it’s easy to see why.  Unlike it’s predecessor, beige, it has the ability to create a multitude of moods depending on the shade and intensity of colour.   It’s a neutral colour that can equally be light, soft and calming or dark, strong and  dramatic.

In this wall mural by Mr Perswall, a grey wall is given a quirky twist with this latest design by J. Mollberg.  Urban jungle takes the peacock theme, popularised by the Victorians in the late 19th Century, and brings it bang up to date for todays contemporary interiors.  So whether you are looking to modernise a period room or to add a bit of nostalgia to a contemporary  scheme this wall mural could be just what you’re looking for.